Today's charity: Tiny Hands International

Today's sponsor: Silver Lining Senior Care, Kadi Tiede Photography, Chocolaterie Stam, and an anonymous sponsor



How it Works

We team with a worthy cause to craft a compelling photo and story, optimized for social engagement, to be posted on Instagram. A sponsor donates a set dollar amount for every like that the post gets.

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Become a Sponsor

You're a forward thinking company that wants to build community relationships, and engage consumers in invigorating new ways. You want to reach and captivate new markets. Become a sponsor now.

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I'm a Charity

You are a charity organization. You're looking for a way to break free from the traditional fundraising methods, and raise money and awareness for your cause. Let us connect you with a sponsor today.

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Make a Bigger Impact.


We like to give offers sponsors the opportunity to partner with consumers in active giving. Companies gain exposure, awareness, a philanthropic reputation and a chance to reach the 200 million (and growing) Instagram users.

Next time you're ready to send that check to your favorite charity, partner with us and make an impact.