Why we like to give.

We like to give is the brainchild of Michael and Ashley Savisky, a couple with a passion for giving, a knack for capturing an audience with words and compelling images, and a pair of iPhones.


The Instagram like button always bothered us. It seemed to be a glorified version of the Facebook poke - it didn't really DO anything. It was clear to us that we like to give was the missing link to making likes more meaningful.


On top of this, we always feel a tinge of sadness when we come across the Instagram feeds of charities we admire. Often they have under 100 followers and little activity. Not that there's anything wrong with celebrity Instagram feeds, but compared to the tens of thousands of likes and follows the average pop star gets, we thought there must be a way to turn charities into rock stars, too.


The Team.

Michael is a storyteller and filmmaker who devotes much of his time to helping businesses grow by creating compelling content for local and international clients alike. An avid creator, Michael has written four novels, three screenplays and was a finalist to appear in Steven Spielburg's FOX production "On the Lot" in which filmmakers competed to win funding for their feature films. It is his passion to see organizations thrive in his community.


Ashley has always been a caretaker. Though she studied communications in college, she couldn't shake the desire to be with and love people each and every day. She found her passion in nannying, and for the past ten years has spent much of her time caring for little ones during the day, and volunteering for her favorites charities on nights and weekends.


Together, Michael and Ashley are thrilled to oversee we like to give, and to focus their experience on changing the face of social giving. Join the team! Follow us on Instagram. Help corporations, charities and consumers to connect in new ways and enrich our cities, one story at a time.


Michael and Ashley reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with baby Felix.



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