24 hours.

We like to give gives charities and sponsors center stage for exactly 24 hours on our Instagram feed. When a post is polished and shined to perfection, it goes live. A live post is public, and will only be active for that 24 hour period. Within that period of time, every like counts as a donation amount given to the charity, as set by the sponsor. To read more about how sponsor donations work, visit the sponsor page


When the 24 hour period ends the likes cease to count, though the post will remain visible indefinitely. The likes are then tallied and the sponsor sends the proceeds to the charity.


The anatomy of a post.

We work together with charities and sponsors to craft the perfect post. The aim of this post is threefold: to provide aid a worthy cause, to create consumer interaction with a generous sponsor, and to enrich the communities in which we live.


Below is a breakdown of an example we like to give Instagram post.


1. The official feed.

This is the gateway for every official we like to give Instagram charity. It allows sponsors, charities, consumers and likers to know that they can trust the source material, the integrity of the charity and the intentions of the sponsor, because we like to give has screened and approved each and every one.


On the right-most side of this bar can be seen the time since the post became active. Just below our logo can be seen our clear call to action: Your likes fund this cause. In this way, a new viewer will instantly understand the mission of we like to give.


2. A great photo.

Show your story and the heart of your charity in a single image. That's our motive. And it can be difficult to achieve, but we guide you through the process, and offer services to help get you there.


When a photograph is honest, well-framed, well-lit and elegantly carries the weight of your mission on its shoulders, then it's doing its job.


3. Unique likes.

If you're not familiar with Instagram, each of these likes is a unique consumer, viewing and actively approving of your content. They know their likes count towards the success of the fundraising. So they've read the post carefully and loyally joined forces with you to make it happen.


4. A compelling story.

Be human, be honest, be creative. Our goal is not to provide a broad overview of a charity. That information is valuable, but can be easily found online. We're working with a 2 x 3.5 inch canvas (that's the iPhone screen). Our goal is to tell a single, personal story that gets to the heart of what your charity is all about.


5. The featured charity.

This is the organization, non-profit, or individual for whom we are raising money. A web address is provided, as well as an Instagram handle (a link to the charity's feed).  


If requested by the charity, up to two hashtags may be associated with the post, though we advise keeping the post simple and self-contained.


6. The featured sponsor.

This is the organization or individual sponsoring this post for exactly 24 hours. The organization's handle will be included here in the post. Additionally, a clickable web address for the organization will be listed in the we like to give profile page (viewable by tapping the we like to give icon or name at the top of the post) during the post's active period. 


As with the charity, if requested by the sponsor, up to two hashtags may be associated with the post, though we advise keeping the post simple and self-contained.


7. The pledge.

The pledge details when active tallying will end, what dollar amount will be given per like, and what caps are attached to the pledge. For instance, in the above example the sponsor has pledged to give 25¢ per like capped at $5,000, whichever comes first. And the likes will only count until 5:54pm EST the following day.



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