The old way.

Spend $3,000 on a one-night-only charitable event in your city. Invite 500 people. Let's say 100 people show up and donate an average of $100 apiece. After costs, you raise $7,000. This does not include the time spent planning and organizing the event.


While galas, walks and other location-specific fundraisers are great, they're not the only way to raise money. Charities have turned to the web for wider reach. Search "online fundraiser" and you'll get a slew of helpful sites for setting up and hosting your own digital donation page.


The new way: we like to give.

We like to give is different. We don't pretend to offer a home for everyone. We're selective and limited. We host only one charity per day. That means you get the spotlight for 24 hours. That's what makes us so effective.


Smart companies know they can reach 200 million active Instagram users each day, and motivated by this, they will sponsor your charity. Let’s say a sponsor pledges 50 cents per like. If 30,000 people like your post, you just made $15,000.


And that's just the beginning.  Instead of hosting a closed event for 100 people, you've reached 30,000 new potential donors, volunteers, and advocates for your cause (and your sponsor's business). You've made a wave of impact that has spanned the globe. That's an attractive platform for both charities and sponsors.


More likes, more supporters.

You can attract bigger donors by fundraising through we like to give. Help us by spreading the word, and suggesting we like to give instead of a traditional fundraiser. 



Unmatched exposure for your cause.

Our ability to focus all our energy on one cause per day means we can achieve a fundraising potential and cause exposure that is unmatched by any other organization on the web. We may not aid millions of charities in raising money this year, but with your help we can make a world of difference for many hundreds of them.


  A view of how your charity will be featured on our site. 

A view of how your charity will be featured on our site. 

The craft of social giving.

We craft the storyline, messaging and visual content of your post (or post series). Our goal in this process is to tell a good story, with engaging content for an appropriate audience that will both reach the non-profit's budgetary goals, and promote the sponsors corporate image.


When both parties approve of the pairing, the post is scheduled. You and the sponsor provide us with a website and/or Instagram handle. Both parties review and approve of the post before it goes live.


We schedule our content to keep audiences engaged, so depending on the approved content your post may be live within the week or (at most) the month. We strategically plan posting dates and times for widest reach, most likes, and best results.


  The anatomy of a  we like to give  post.

The anatomy of a we like to give post.


What it costs.

In short: nothing. 


When you partner with us, you pay nothing up front. When a post is no longer active and the donation is tallied, we like to give retains 5% of the total dollar amount raised.


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